Having a registered domain isn’t merely a website address. It’s your own piece of online prime real estate, and:

  • It’s where potential customers come to buy your products
  • It’s a place where you build your authority
  • It’s a place to showcase your expertise


Search Engine Optimisation forms the foundation and roots of your domain. A domain name and the website’s content will feed and nurture a search engine. Having Google favouring your domain has many positive outcomes and opportunities, and may play into your overall search engine success. Therefore, if you’d like to get the best value out of your domain and its name, you need to send out the right signals. A search-engine friendly domain has to be simple, yet effective without giving a spammy perception. You can accomplish this by:

  • Focusing on your brand name
  • A strong focus on your business offerings
  • Creating a domain name that is easily remembered and searched for by users
  • Making sure that your domain name is enticing and makes users want to learn more about your website

To meet any user’s demands, Google strives to accommodate them as best possible in their online search endeavours, and as a domain owner you would also need to first consider the needs of your potential customers. In building on your domain name, you should:

  • Steer away from having a spammy website
  • Be easily recognisable and memorable
  • Always remain relevant and appear legitimate
  • Effectively brand your business
  • Have a clear understanding of who you are and what exactly you do/offer is such a domain that meets the criteria for a winning, educational and informative platform. Searches that lead to a search engine website can build your authority in this domain (no pun intended!) and will deliver positive outcomes to further expand on search engine fundamentals.

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